Ren Hang R.I.P.

Reng Hang was a Chinese photographer famous for nude, non-sexualized portraits that focused on the geometry of the human body. He was probably the most famous Chinese artist outside of Ai Weiwei, who helped skyrocket Hang to fame. Hang's Naked/Nude exhibition was on display at Foam Fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam while Hang reportedly killed himself in Beijing.

Ren Hang (任航) killed himself in Beijing, China - 29 years old.

Stéphanie Solinas

Dominique Lambert is a common French name and the name chosen by French photographer Stéphanie Solinas for her project on identity. Lambert is apparently the 27th most common family name in France, and Dominique is the most common gender-neutral name in France. 

Starting there, Solinas reached out to real people whose names are Dominique Lambert.

She then photographed each Dominique Lambert.

Working with police investigators, she commissioned written descriptions of the subjects based on their photographs. Then she had character sketches drawn based on those descriptions.

She then tracked down people who looked like the character sketches and photographed the lookalikes - i.e. the suspects, people thought to be a person of interest - i.e. Dominique Lambert.

The portraits of the suspects were the focus of the Dominique Lambert exhibition.

Portraits of the real-life Dominique Lamberts remained unseen, under glass.

Identity is powerful and easily manipulated. One of the best art exhibits that I've experienced.

Written descriptions of Dominique Lamberts - based on their actual photographs.

Police sketches based on written descriptions of the Dominique Lamberts.

Composite sketches based on police sketches based on written descriptions of the actual Dominique Lamberts.

People thought to be Dominique Lambert - i.e. people who look like the composite sketches but who aren't actually Dominique Lambert.

The real Dominique Lamberts remain unseen.

Recreation of the interview room where she spoke with Dominique Lamberts about their experiences.

Henry VIII

Hiroshi Sugimoto is a Japanese photographer who brings fakeness to life (e.g. photographing dioramas at natural history museums). For this project, he recreated in wax the painted portraits of Henry VIII done by Hans Holbein the Younger, and then he photographed those wax portraits.

Henry VIII and his six wives at Foam Fotografiemuseum - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport

Tempelhof Airport was until 2008 an airport that served Berlin, but it has since been closed and converted into a public park and refugee shelter. There was talk of developing the space but Germans voted against the idea. Thousands of refugees made it their home, with freedom to come and go, and the open spaces (e.g. runways) remained available for public use.

Keelung Islet

Keelung Islet is an island off the northern coast, today used for military training but once a sacred place and home to a grieving ghost, Shih-Yun, whose husband died in a shipwreck centuries ago.

Keelung Islet, as seen from Jiufen, is just off the coast on the righthand side of the photo near the horizon. Jiufen is a messy sea of tourists but the view almost makes it worth the hassle. Taiwan is such a beautiful country. 


Jiufen (九份) is a mountainous area north of Taipei. The name translates to nine portions, which refers to the nine families who lived in this isolated village when the Qing dynasty ruled over the island. Nine portions, i.e. sending supplies to the village meant nine portions of everything. 

I think this guy is the king of Jiufen.

Tu Xi (涂曦)

Mountain Ranger No. 1 (2016) is the most moved I've felt from a painting in as long as I can remember. If it wasn't already sold, I probably maybe possibly might have purchased it. I saw it at Art Taipei and later learned that 涂曦 (Tu Xi) is an artist working out of the 798 Art Zone in Beijing. 

涂曦 (Tu Xi) / Mountain Ranger No. 1

I love the thick paint and apparitional appearance of the rangers. 

涂曦 (Tu Xi) / 起航 No.2 (Set Sail No.2) [2016].