Mandarin Chinese: I like panda bears

Chinese poses a triple threat: tones, pronunciation, cadence. If I focus on one, I lose the other two. But I do know this: The literal translation of panda bear, in Chinese, is "big bear cat."

[dàxióngmāo = panda bear; dà = big, xióng = bear, māo = cat]

Wǒ xǐhuan dàxióngmāo. Wǒ qù Chéngdū kàn dàxióngmāo.

[I like panda bears. I am going to Chengdu to see panda bears.]

I met with my tutor, Duàn Háng, and he helped correct the mistakes I made. As I suspected, if I get the cadence correct, my tones will be wrong, and they were. Here I correct my mistakes.