"bai, pai, mai, dai, tai" (Mandarin Chinese)

Here is a basic vowel-consonant combination, in all four tones. The vowel sound is "ai" (pronounced "eye"), and the consonants are as follows: b, p, m, d, t.

I start with the first tone, and then work through the rest of the four tones.

First tone: bāi, pāi, māi, dāi, tāi
Second tone: bái, pái, mái, dái, tái
Third tone: bǎi, pǎi, mǎi, dǎi, tǎi
Fourth tone: bài, pài, mài, dài, tài

I don't know what these words mean. Currently I'm focused on tones, not vocabulary (but I do know that "tài" means "too," as in, too fast, or too big, or too whatever).