Mandarin Chinese (#21C)

I'm not sure why I'm speaking so slowly and so awkwardly in this video; the only 'new' words for me here are "younger/smaller" and "older/bigger," which for me aren't really new at all, because my Chinese name is Dàlóng [Big Dragon (as in big sibling, i.e. older/bigger)], and my dog's name is Xiǎolóng [Little Dragon (as in younger sibling, i.e. younger/smaller)]. So I should've been able to say all of this with a bit more confidence. But sometimes it's a bit awkward to stare at the webcam, even more so because I don't write anything down beforehand.

Do you know where the children are?

Yes, I do know where the children are: the younger son is here; the older son is here.

What about the younger daughter?

I don't have a younger daughter, but I do have an older daughter; however, I don't know where she is.