Mandarin Chinese (#6)

With each video it's getting more difficult to speak without a script, because by now I've learned to say a dozen or maybe even two dozen phrases in Chinese, with at least some level of tonal success.

My Chinese friends living in China can't access my website because it is blocked by the Chinese government, but I sent two of them my 'Learning to speak Mandarin Chinese (#5)' video via email, and was told, "Hey, da long, i am so glad that you sent the video to me. I watched it this morning , so did my roomates.haha```They all said that you learn quite fast and speak pretty well.Just come on.I Do you know how to speak my name,haha```my name is chen shufei(陈淑斐)."

[Dà lóng (大龍) is my Chinese name. It means Big Dragon.]

Because I'm recalling phrases off the top of my head, they don't always make much sense. I'm trying to avoid reading from a script, but maybe that would make more sense than this:

When would you like to eat something?
Where would you like to go to eat something?
I would like to go to your place to eat something.