0122: Turtle Crossing; Roatán, Honduras

Time: 6 mins / 2 mins / 7 mins
Depth: 25 feet
Conditions: 82°F

On this dive, I completed the rescue scenario for my Divemaster training. I twice rescued a non-responsive, non-breathing diver from depth. The first time, my response was damn near perfect, until I forget the final two rescue breaths before bringing my victim back onto the boat. I knew immediately that I'd forgotten, and I cursed myself silently and then out loud. On the second attempt, I was a bit fatigued and struggled with my rhythm on the tow; however, overall I was pleased with my performance. Each time I dropped Mark's weight belt, which in training is frustrating but in real life would be a non-issue. While searching for the weight belt, I found some Caribbean reef squid instead.

Sammy: 328405


0116: Dixie's, Roatán, Honduras

Time: 44 mins
Depth: 84 feet
Conditions: 82°F
PSI: 3000 -> 1600

After a capsized boat that sunk, with three victims that we needed to pull from the water, and then nearly breaking my leg only a few dives later because of some rough water at the surface and a difficult reentry into the boat, it was nice to finally have a dive with a little relaxation: a free-swimming spotted eel, a spotted eel in the reef, many hawksbill sea turtles, including a few reef feeders, plus a handful of trunk fish. That having been said, it did feel great to put my rescue skills to good use and save two swimmers.

Bryan: 316690

0114: Puncher's Paradise, Roatán, Honduras

Time: 47 mins
Depth: 74 feet
Conditions: 81°F
PSI: 3000 -> 1400

My diver lost her weight belt on our descent, so I have to resurface and grab her an extra 12 pounds in addition to the four pounds that I gave her underwater, and the four or six pounds that Bryan gave her. After that, I can't even remember what we saw, but I do remember tearing my hands up on the line. Thanks, coral! You hurt!

Bryan: 316690

0111: El Aguila, Roatán, Honduras

Time: 48 mins
Depth: 102 feet
Conditions: 81°F
PSI: 3000 -> 900

After the dive, we spotted a boat that had capsized and begun to sunk. There were three victims in the water so I was able to put my rescue diver skills to good use: I grabbed my fins, mask, and then I towed two divers safely back to our boat, and by the time we reached our boat, their boat had sunk completely. The first woman I rescued spoke no English, and her leg was full of cuts and abrasions. She was crying, bleeding, shaking, and when I saw her on shore about an hour later she looked pretty much the same way. While on the dive we saw a spotted eagle ray, plenty of grouper, the resident moray eel who lives at the wreck, and some garden eels.

Sammy: 328405

0110: Blue Channel, Roatán, Honduras

Time: 49 mins
Depth: 50 feet
Conditions: 82°F
PSI: 3000 -> 2000

I experienced my first sneeze underwater. Felt great. Saw a green moray eel, some cleaner shrimp, a hawksbill sea turtle, and a sea cucumber, which during the day is a bit rarer of a sight; and, we did our safety spot in an unfortunate sea drift of trash, caused infrequently but annually (according to Bryan) by the currents, which makes sense based on what I know of ocean currents. The dives have been slow, lazy, short, and a bit more uneventful because of the novice divers, poorer (but still good) visibility, and my Divemaster responsibilities.

Bryan: 316690