0543: Blue Channel, Roatán, Honduras

543. Blue Channel. Green moray. Spotted moray. Flounder. Drumfish. School of silversides. Tigertail sea cucumber. Sailfin blenny. Orange-sided goby. We started the dive at the inside mooring, in the sand, but visibility was low so we didn't stick around there for long. But we did explore enough to then enter the channel from the north as opposed to the east. 32F. 64M. 29106.

0534: El Aquario to Lighthouse, Roatán, Honduras

534. El Aquario to Lighthouse drift. My first dive back was the same as my final dive in December before leaving the island. An unusual profile that has you drifting across the boat channel. Not ideal for unfamiliar divers. Barracuda. Cero. Orange-spotted filefish. Flamingo tongue. Dark mantis. Ocean triggerfish. Queen angelfish. Horse-eyed jacks. Lionfish. Permit. Cryptic teardrop crab. Donkey dung sea cucumber. 59F. 58M. 28577.