Tu Xi (涂曦)

Mountain Ranger No. 1 (2016) is the most moved I've felt from a painting in as long as I can remember. If it wasn't already sold, I probably maybe possibly might have purchased it. I saw it at Art Taipei and later learned that 涂曦 (Tu Xi) is an artist working out of the 798 Art Zone in Beijing. 

涂曦 (Tu Xi) / Mountain Ranger No. 1

I love the thick paint and apparitional appearance of the rangers. 

涂曦 (Tu Xi) / 起航 No.2 (Set Sail No.2) [2016].

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Daily Life Portrait I (2016) by Lai Yi-Chih. Photographs accompanied by six audio recordings of villagers in the community nearby the Mailiao Naphtha Cracking Petrochemical Industrial Zone in Yunlin. Take a wild guess as to whether or not the petrochemical industry has polluted their environment and left villagers feeling helpless.

Section of garden behind hundreds (maybe thousands) of riot shields. You can walk through the garden and keep an eye on the world outside without outsiders seeing you or the garden inside, and without you actually experiencing the outsiders or their world. Seems like a pretty basic message of perception and empathy.