Dolphins by Dewey Hammond

Today we saw pilot whales. Yesterday it was dolphins.

These dolphins came to play with our boat off the coast of Honduras.

Dolphins in between Roatán and Cayos Cochinos.

Bay Islands, Honduras.

Bay Islands, Honduras.

Diving the seamounts off Cayos Cochinos by Dewey Hammond

Yesterday we dove the seamounts off the coast of Cayos Cochinos. Seamounts are basically just underwater mountains that don't quite make it all the way to sea level. If they did, they'd be islands. But instead they're underwater, where you can swim around the peak of the mountain and enjoy the marine life. On the way from Roatán to Cayos we saw a few dolphins playing by the boat. Then today, back off the coast of Roatán, we saw pilot whales.

With my dive buddy Robin, off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea.