Roasting coffee by Dewey Hammond

You'll see from the pics that my first attempt at roasting coffee in a cast-iron pan did not go so well, but I took another chance today and it turned out pretty well. It requires a fair bit of effort for just a few cups, but it's satisfying and a bit of a challenge. Freshly roasted Honduran coffee is fantastic.

I've been really missing Honduras lately, the coffee, mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers, people, parrots, spiders, land crabs, coconuts, mangos, reggaeton, baleadas, my cat named Peanutbutter, the terribly slow and uncomfortable buses, and just about everything except the lack of fresh vegetables.

Green coffee from one of my favorite places in the world, Copán Ruinas, Honduras.

My first attempt at roasting coffee didn't go so well.

Too much heat, not enough stirring, didn't even try to drink this stuff.

White House by Dewey Hammond

It's hard to stay only a few blocks from the White House and not stop by for a quick look, but there isn't much to see except too many tourists, of which I was admittedly one. Thanks to so many incidents, you can't even get too close to the fence anymore, not that the view would be all that much better, but still. Terrorists and lunatics ruining everything.

Washington, D.C.

Lost dog by Dewey Hammond

Sacramento has an unfortunately high number of dogs who are ignored or neglected. They're not exactly homeless but they're stray, left to wander the streets without tags or collars. Almost ran over this little girl on Mother's Day, then spent the day with her before dropping her off at the animal shelter (three dogs is enough for now, although we were tempted to give her a home).

Sweet lil puppy with a wonderful temperament. 

A bit scared of Monster, but otherwise playful.

Monster did not really care for Coconut. Perhaps a little jealous.

Ice cream truck by Dewey Hammond

I've never really had a neighborhood ice cream truck, but there are at least two that come by the house regularly. Haven't really seen these since my days playing Little League baseball in Maryland.

Sacramento, California.

Consumnes River Preserve by Dewey Hammond

Consumnes River Preserve; near Sacramento, California.

Bunny spotted on Easter.

Sunday bunny at Consumnes River Preserve; near Sacramento, California.

Consumnes River Preserve; near Sacramento, California.

Consumnes River Preserve; near Sacramento, California.

Consumnes River Preserve; near Sacramento, California.