Keelung Islet

Keelung Islet is an island off the northern coast, today used for military training but once a sacred place and home to a grieving ghost, Shih-Yun, whose husband died in a shipwreck centuries ago.

Keelung Islet, as seen from Jiufen, is just off the coast on the righthand side of the photo near the horizon. Jiufen is a messy sea of tourists but the view almost makes it worth the hassle. Taiwan is such a beautiful country. 


Jiufen (九份) is a mountainous area north of Taipei. The name translates to nine portions, which refers to the nine families who lived in this isolated village when the Qing dynasty ruled over the island. Nine portions, i.e. sending supplies to the village meant nine portions of everything. 

I think this guy is the king of Jiufen.