0555: Breakwater, San Carlos Beach, Monterey, California, USA

San Carlos Beach in Monterey, California. Harbor seals. Stung in face by sea nettles. Dive buddy got a bit panicky, and understandably so. Instructors should never leave students alone in open water, especially not in two-meter viz surrounded by kelp. Dive two of two for drysuit certification. Three parts. 24F 4M / 26F 2M / 14F 4M. 24F. 12M. 29632.

0554: Breakwater, San Carlos Beach, Monterey, California, USA

First dive in California. First drysuit dive. First cold-water dive. Sea nettles. Sea stars. Some sea lions on the rocks. Unimpressed by the instructor and shop. Corners cut. Too many unnecessary failure points and stressors. It is something that we have since discussed. Learning experience for everyone. Dive was in four parts. 34F 12M / 20F 9M / 25F 1M / 20F 4M. 34F. 26M. 29620.

0543: Blue Channel, Roatán, Honduras

543. Blue Channel. Green moray. Spotted moray. Flounder. Drumfish. School of silversides. Tigertail sea cucumber. Sailfin blenny. Orange-sided goby. We started the dive at the inside mooring, in the sand, but visibility was low so we didn't stick around there for long. But we did explore enough to then enter the channel from the north as opposed to the east. 32F. 64M. 29106.