Noni by Dewey Hammond

Noni is a tree in the coffee family, and its fruit tastes absolutely terrible. Some say it has medicinal properties, but I'd rather be sick and eat coconuts and mangoes.

Noni in West End, Roatán, Honduras.

Coconut beans and rice by Dewey Hammond

I miss living behind Rotisserie, even if I don't eat the chicken. Dola. Karen. Rosalie. The cats. The dogs. The passersby. I lived here for a year and I couldn't have asked for better neighbors, or better coconut beans and rice. Dola sources the coconut oil locally, and it's fantastic. And of course the marmahon, which is basically Israeli couscous but somehow a dish native to Honduras. It's buried beneath Dola's carrot-based spicy salsa. 

My favorite food in Honduras!